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    Helps REDUCE ARTHRITIS PAIN for persons suffering from OSTEO ARTHRITIS.



    What makes our EMU BLUE™ different than other "BLUES"?

    * Only EMU BLUE™ from RANCHO SAN DIEGO EMUS is made with 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™. Not "rendered" Emu Oil like many advertised brands. (Rendering is just the first step in the refining process!)

    * EMU BLUE™ from RANCHO SAN DIEGO EMUS contains by volume 12% EMU OIL™. (Not 2% - 4% or 6% like others)

    * EMU BLUE™ from RANCHO SAN DIEGO EMUS contains CHONDROITIN, GLUCOSAMINE and MSM. Our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ reduces inflammation while delivering the GLUCOSAMINE, CHONDROITIN and MSM to the effected area to help with CARTILAGE REGENERATION.

    Suggested topical application is 3 times daily to the effected area.

    Although you may begin to experience pain relief soon after applying EMU BLUE™ most people begin to experience lasting relief after 30 days of continued use.

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