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    Other EMU Products

    Also available, large GREEN EGGS

    Blown out and cleaned to use for:

    * Display
    * Carving
    * Decorative Planters

    >> Only $20.00 each, or $15.00 each, with order of Oil, Gelcaps or Sports Rub. <<

    EMU FEATHERS are unique.

    * Emus are the only bird in the world that has a double feather with a single quill.
    * They can be used for earrings, in pendants, or for "dreamcatchers".
    * If you ask when ordering, we will include several feathers free.


    Coming SOON!

    Leather products: boots, wallets, vests, etc.
    Carved and decorated eggs.

    Rancho San Diego Emus / 9966 Dolores St. Suite 101, Spring Valley, CA 91977
    ph. 619-337-0000 / fax 619-464-3516 "Ask for Willi A. Seeger"
    email: info@emuoil4health.com

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