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    EMU OIL is Good for Seniors

    Emu Oil for Seniors Find out how our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ "Helps Keep Seniors Looking and Feeling Younger".

    We have witnessed first hand, the ANTI-AGING and SKIN REJUVENATING properties of our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ when used topically by SENIORS, and other persons with thin, weathered or dried out skin.

    Dry Skin? Following the topical application of our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ three times daily for a period of 30 days, SENIORS with "very thin skin" exhibited the following results.....

    An average skin thickening of 14% with a firm and healthy appearance.

    Many people no longer "bleed under the skin" when they bump into something and those who still "bump and bleed" report fewer incidences of bruising and faster healing times.

    Most people report looking more youthful and feeling better about themselves.

    Their friends notice the difference!

    If you have pain from arthritis or sore muscles......

    If you have high cholesterol......

    Try our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL Gelcaps™......

    arthritis high cholesterol? We have SEEN THE BENEFITS of our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL Gelcaps™. Most persons taking our gelcaps internally have reported significant results in CHOLESTEROL REDUCTION and / or RELIEF from ARTHRITIS PAIN. (Note: - You most likely will not receive pain relief if you suffer from either carpal tunnel syndrome or the degenerative bone form of arthritis).

    Our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL Gelcaps™, 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ and our EMU OIL SPORTS RUB come with a MONEY BACK guarantee. If, for any reason you are unhappy with our products send them back for a FULL refund.

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    ph. 619-337-0000 / fax 619-464-3516 "Ask for Willi A. Seeger"
    email: info@emuoil4health.com