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    Information compiled and distributed by Rancho San Diego Emus

    arthritis high cholesterol? From an article in the Daily Californian when staff writer Wally Pickford asked about EMU OIL and Cholesterol Reduction from people using our products he was given the following response from Irene M., of Escondido, Ca.

    "Absolutely true. My Cholesterol level dropped from 195 to 145 after using 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL Gelcaps™ 3 times a day. Additionally, my blood pressure, which used to fluctuate around 140 over 90, now stands firmly at 120 over 82." "You can call me a satisfied customer and you can call me a believer." "I'm not the least bit embarrassed to tell the truth. My Dr., board certified internist, is ecstatic. He didn't know anything about Emus, and probably still doesn't, but he knows what, 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL Gelcaps™ have done for me!"

    From LLF, RPh - Anchorage, Alaska
    "My wife was delighted when she first started using 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™. She wanted me to use it to improve my dry, red skin. I told her tht I have used every prescription product out there with only minimal results. As a pharmacist, I have access to every prescription product, and I didn't think 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ would help me. Boy! Was I wrong. Your product worked miracles. It is a wonderful product and I recommend it strongly to patients with dry, red, flakey inflamed skin."

    From LKG: Arrowhead Highlands
    "My son has suffered with advanced eczema for 25 years now. He is 37 years old and could barely walk or use his hands during the last 5 years. After countless visits to skin specialists, emergency rooms, and specialists, there had been no help. His condition continued to get worse, to the point of open wounds and great pain. 6 months ago my sister gave us a bottle of Rancho San Diego Emus' 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL Gelcaps™ and a spray bottle of your 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™. My son felt immediate relief from the pain and the itching. He began to show signs of healing within one week of use."

    From Helga H. of Vista, Ca.
    "I have FIBROMYALGIA in my neck and have been using your 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™. It is the only thing I have found that reduces the pain in my neck. The pain is not totally gone, but it is much better after using your EMU OIL™"

    From Sue M. of Carlsbad, Ca.
    "There is no doubt that your 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ does help the Arthritis on myself. I use it before going to bed and upon arising each morning. Absolutely NO swelling anymore from inflammation! True!"

    From Mr. M. of El Cajon, Ca.
    skin condition "I was a chemist for many years and as a part of my job I was exposed to various chemicals. As a result of this exposure I developed MERCURY POISONING in my inner ear. The pain had been very severe and almost unbearable for the past few years. I have tried everything with no results. I read about the effects of EMU OIL when used to treat MERCURY POISONING in a book on homeopathic medicine (Heal your life with Home Remedies and Herbs by Kroeger-pg. 226). I purchased your 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ from my Doctor in El Cajon, Ca. I applied it directly into my ear canal. I had to call you and let you know it works!!! I'm not totally pain free - but my pain has been significantly reduced. Thank you."

    From CB - Bonita, Ca.
    "Hi - I am a 75 year old woman and I am always getting bruises (a lot of sun damage & age). A while back I got one of the worst bruises on my arm. I caught it on a screen door. It was about 6 inches long and 1 1/2 inches wide. I was in the Bonita Pharmacy (where I go for medicine) and they told me to come in every day and put some of your EMU OIL on my arm - they had it on display by the register. I did and in 8 days it was gone. It was like a miracle. Usually my bruises last about 1 to 1 1/2 months. I just had to write you and tell you of this miracle."

    From Monica C.
    "I have been fortunate enough to use your 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ and love it. I recommend it to my sister-in-law. She has two young children with eczema and after numerous treatments no favorable result were visible. She has been using the EMU OIL for almost 3 weeks and is already seeing favorable results. I would like to know where I could obtain the gel caps?"

    From DJC
    "My 1 1/2 year old baby has eczema on his hands. It was just terrible, red and inflamed. Our doctor had us using hydracortizone to stop the itching but it did not really stop the redness. It was awfull! I looked on the internet and tried all the remedies I could find but nothing seemend to work. Don't bathe with soap, don't bathe, use this lotion or that lotion. Nothing. Then I was in the pharmacy in Mira Mesa and I saw your 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™ on the counter. Twenty bucks was a lot but I thought, okay, let's try it. It worked!! After 3 days of treatment his hands were normal!!!"

    From Florence
    skin condition "I've had outbreaks of contact dermatitis for years. The latest was on my hands for two years; so bad, I would apologize for not shaking hands with people. Our daughter Rachel, living in Laguna Niguel, sent me a bottle of 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL™. It's taken about 3 weeks of twice daily applications and my hands are looking fantastic. I did heavy duty cleaning at our beach home using bleach, window cleaners, spray wax, etc. I'm afraid to belive this EMU OIL works. Will keep you posted. Need more time."

    EMU OIL and its effects on MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS)

    We have heard stories of the healing effects of Ostrich Oil on an MS patient. We found a story relating to this in "Focus on Alternative Therapies."

    As a result of these claims we at Rancho San Diego Emus are now involved in a study using our 100% PURE super-refined EMU OIL Gelcaps™ (taken internally) in conjunction with the topical application of EMU OIL (applied several times daily along the patient's spine) on a small group of MS patients.

    If you, or someone you know, are interested in participating or finding out the results of this study email us at emus@home.com

    Rancho San Diego Emus / 9966 Dolores St. Suite 101, Spring Valley, CA 91977
    ph. 619-337-0000 / fax 619-464-3516 "Ask for Willi A. Seeger"
    email: info@emuoil4health.com